Internationell konferens om gamla stadsträd

Den internationella konferens i maj som Sveriges arboristförbund arrangerade om gamla träd i stadsmiljö blev en stor succé med 120 deltagare och föreläsare från Tyskland, England, Italien och Sverige.

Här kommer snart föreläsningar att finnas tillgängliga via film och annat material läggas ut. De första ser du här!

Ted Green and Jill Butler of the Ancient Tree Forum UK

Ted Green and Jill Butler of the Ancient Tree Forum UK address the International Conference of Ancient Trees in Urban Environments, held in Stockholm May 2012

Neville Fay - Natural aging processes of trees, an ecosystem approach to diagnostics & management.

Principal consultant, treework environmental practice expert witness and chartered arboriculturist with 30 years tree survey and management experience. Author of UK standard for veteran tree surveying. Writes and lectures on conservation arboriculture. Founded charity Tree Aid, and is past chairman of the Ancient Tree Forum and of the drafting committee of the National Tree Saftey Group

Frank Rinn - Risk mitigation: Bananas, carrots and tree biomechanics.

A key advocate of biomechanics, has coopted with Claus Mattcheck, designed and developed the resistograph, picus and tomography. An experienced presenter and tree manager. Heidelberg Germany

Lynne Boddy - Oak trees and their rotten fungi

Professor of fungi biology from the University of Cardiff, her main study area is wood decay fungi. She has written many publications on the crucial role that fungi play in ecosystem function in particular trees.

Mike Ellison - Assessing, balancing and managing risks and benefits from trees

English tree consultant specializing on risks from falling trees, has provided expert evidence in both criminal and civil courts. Published the peer reviewed "Quantified Tree Risk Assessment" method in 2005, and has trained more than 1250 arborists and tree managers in its application. Speeks on the topic of "tree failure risk" and "tree stability" at conferences around the world. Honorary life member of the international Society of Arboriculture UK & Ireland Chapter for his contribution to the field of tree risk assessment. Received the Arboricultural Association's annual Award for service to arboriculture. Cheshire, NW England

Fransesco Ferrini - The importance of old trees to people in urban areas, conflicting interests and solutions.

Professor of arboriculture. University of Florence, Italy. Well known speaker of the importance of urban trees and the many aspects of it.; as well as the problems and solutions seen by citizens, politicians and by the authorities. Florence, Italy

Chris Knapman - Best practice of ancient trees in UK Urban Environments: How did they get there? How do we perceive and protect them?

Chris Knapman is the tree officer for Plymoth City Council. He is a founder of Ancient Tree Forum Devon and is passionate about ancient trees

Vikki Bengtsson - Ancient Trees in a European context - Why are Swedish trees important?

Ecologist who have worked professionally with nature conservation since 1992 and in particular ancient trees, their protection, conservation and restoration. Has surveyed more than 10.000 ancient trees in Sweden and England. Trustee and board member of the charity Ancient Tree Forum.

Urban Emanuelsson - The Cultural importance of old trees in urban environments

Professor, Swedish Biodiversity Center - SLU, ecologist, expert on the connections between nature and culture. He has also been involved in the planning of the Royal National City Park in Stockholm for ten years.

Artur Larsson - The relevance of Swedish Species Information Centre for ancient trees in urban environment.

Artur Larsson is working at Swedish Species Centre where he is reponsible for the Tree Gateway, a web-based database for collecting data on veteran trees and other trees worthy of protection. The information is based on citizen science as well as work done by institutions and authorities, and open to anyone who wishes to contribute with their observations.

Karin Meyer - Best practice in West Sweden: A collaboration between municipalities to protect valuable trees. A LONA project.

Environmental coordinator, Härryda municipality, Sweden. Ecologist with 20 years of experience of nature conservation in community planning, environmental management and the communication. Responsible for municipal nature conservation projects and for making inventories of valuable trees. Initiator of the project focusing on preserving old trees in West Sweden.

Presentation and introduction

Cilla Lundström, Sveriges Arboristförbund SAF and Arne Anderberg, Naturhistoriska riksmuséet.
International conference Ancient Trees in Urban Environments
Stockholm museum of natural history
May 10th - 11th 2012

A conference arranged by The Swedish Arborist Federation SAF, the Royal Administrastion of Djurgården, the County board of Stockholm, The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and The Museum of natural history.

Panel discussion with all speakers

Panel discussion with all speakers from Arboretum on Vimeo.

Panel discussion and questions with all speakers from part one. from Arboretum on Vimeo.

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